About us

YUMIS food industry Company from Nis was established in 1991 as a private company. The main activity is the production of soups, spices, pudding, cream, teas, peanuts, additives for the bakery industry and many other products.

For the next 30 years, Yumis has developed its sales network and achieving significant business results. Today, many groups of Yumis products take significant part in domestic and foreign markets.

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Product range of YUMIS soups includes clear meat soups, vegetable , cream and noodle soups.

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Rich product range of teas with carefully selected material and optimal granulation are suitable to be consumed during any situation.

Besides rich assortment of fruit teas, there are also medical teas- aronia, bearberry, sage, hypericum, cranberry and the combination of medical plants with mint with Melissa.

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EKO CIN vegetable food additive. This is the additive that makes the food complete. It is used both for the preparation of traditional meals and in contemporary cuisines. Contains the combination of different carefully selected quality dried vegetables. High content of vegetables in the food, gives , specially to the meat the original taste. By it weight is adjusted to the requirements of the housewives.

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Lato Bella Cream

Lato Bella Cream is a combination of cream with milk, cocoa and hazelnuts in a pack of 400g and 800g.

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Whipped cream

YUMIS whipped creams in variation of whipped foam creams and whipped creams-which are the combination of white whipped tight moderately sweet cream are suitable for cakes and sweets filling, for fruit salads as wells.

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Jelly cubes

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