About the company

YUMIS food industry Company that produces soups, spices, puddings, whipped creams, teas, peanuts, Turkish delight, creams, dried fruits and a lot more products.

On South of Serbia, located in Nis, YUMIS with its products has been meeting the requirements and wishes of consumers worldwide. Founded in 1991, from small family company it grew into recognizable industry. At present, YUMIS has been a leader in this part of the food industry in almost all categories, and as a domestic manufacturer it does not fall behind big world food industry companies, not in a single segment.
YUMIS with its 200 employees places products both on Serbian market and on the markets over 30 countries of the world.

Company History


At the family home was founded the production- trade company dealing with caustic soda and other chemical products.


Started with the production of teas, backing soda, soda, cocoa powder ,coconut and other packed food.


Was the turning point in YUMIS development, then started the production of the first soups which made YUMIS very well known all around the world.


The export to different destinations was intensified and YUMIS, from local developed into international brand.


YUMIS bought “Electromedicina” and expanded the production to 12 000m2.

2010, 2012, 2016

YUMIS was awarded a recognition in the election “ The Best for Serbia”, Mr Kocic was pronounced the manager of Southeast of Europe and a businessman of the year by Ernst and Young Company.


The production portfolio was expended with confectionary products, Turkish delight products and creams.

Company Policy

The quality policy of the company YUMIS has been based on the following principles:

  • Constant monitoring of existing and potential needs of the consumers with the aim of better understanding and adjustment
  • The decision making process is exclusively based on the analysis of relevant data and information
  • All the employees actively participate in business activities, aware that our organization is strong as much as its weakest link
  • The organization structure is conceived upon model of clearly defined and delegated tasks within sectors
  • Systematic approach of problem solving
  • All our efforts are directed to continuous improvement of all the company processes, activities and quality properties of each of our products
  • All the employees, led by top management, in work system are organized in accordance with ISO 9001 standard requirements and principles of HACCP and IFS


Leading position in production and products placement on domestic and foreign market with permanent customers relations improvement and the increase of the final customer benefits.


Our mission is to satisfy the customer needs and modern family requirements with highly quality products made in business environment in accordance with world standards.

Internet web portal - a significant source of information and a real picture of the situation on terrain

Thanks to the most modern methods, on which the portal is based on, in everyday updating, there is, at every moment full image of the market. Based upon data obtained from the portal and potentiated detailed analysis ,together with the aims crossing, we have the advantage regarding the flexibility and the speed in decision making of strategic importance.


Company YUMIS, at domestic market has organized the sale and distribution through four regional teams:

West and Central Serbia
Southeast Serbia

All our employees are meritorious for the position on market : managers, referents, commercialists, accountants, stockmen and others.
We connect the wisdom of experienced and energy and fresh knowledge of the young.

Join us:

  • Due to possibility to learn
  • Cooperation with experienced professionals
  • Contact with international environment
  • Interesting job
  • Social safety
  • Knowledge and experience which comes with the work for YUMIS


Food industry YUMIS was officially awarded IFS Standard Certificate. The Certificate was on the behalf of official auditor ISACERT from Holland, awarded by Director G. Van der Ven.
YUMIS is the first of such companies that fulfilled all the standard requirements and was awarded this internationally recognized Certificate. International Featured Standards (IFS) is for the standardized control of food safety and producer quality level.
IFS is acknowledged as the system of food guaranteed quality for all the producers. Issuing bodies of this, at present very widely applicable standard, are Central Association of German Retailers HDE eV and the French Association of Wholesale and Retail FCD.
The retail requirements summed up into IFS can be derived from the following basic question:
Is the producer able to deliver the safe product in accordance with given specification and legislation?

HACCP is a food safety system based on the analysis and control of potential biological / microbiological, chemical and physical hazards to which raw materials are exposed, potential hazards in handling, production, distribution and consumption of the end product.

ISO International Standard Organization
ISO 9001 or QMS – Quality management systems is the basic standard. This standard directs us how to manage the quality in all the organization sectors.

Awards and acknowledgments

Our time is coming

Regarding that we are the first in our branch in this part of the region that were awarded HACCAP Certificate, we still want to base our production on own technology and to place our products abroad as well. Last year 1/3 of the production was placed on foreing markets. This year we expect the increase on 50% of our total production together with the placement of our products in Canada, Austria, Australia, Lithuania…

YUMIS has been pronounced as the most perspective brand in Serbia. That the success of a company is not measured only in money but with the recognition of it products on the market is confirmed by the recognition we were awarded by Jury composed of Junior Chamber International representatives.