Company YUMIS obtained Halal certificate!

11. May 2015.

The certificate is awarded Halal agency of the Islamic Community of Serbia, in April 2015.After the conducted proceedings, which determined that the raw materials used in production, as permitted under the defined regulations, and after the fulfillment of conditions set we got Halal certificate confirming Halal status of products and we approve the use of Halal symbol on the product packaging. With this, we can freely export products to the markets of the Islamic religion a single character makes recognizable products. On the certificate, a list of products for which it is confirmed that they are prepared according to halal Sharia regulations. Categories: Condiments with vegetables, plain spices, and sauces, soups, rice, semolina, corn products, wheat and bread products, potatoes, sweet powdery products, food preservative, Kolasa, saithe, appetizers.