Greek ice cream


Milk 850ml
Sugar 100g
Gelatin 2 packs
Whipped cream white 500g
Fruit biscuits 100g(chocolate)
Ground biscuits 100g
Hazelnut 75g (grounded)

Add 100g sugar into 75o of milk and put it to boil. In 100ml of milk dissolve 2 gelatins and add to the boiled milk and mix it with mixer. Leave at room temperature to cool, then put into the fridge to cool it completely ( do not keep it in the fridge longer than needed because it will turn into pudding and will not be possible to beat the cream). When it is cool pour 500g of cream, beat it until it is firm. Divide it into 3 parts. In the first put waffles, in the second hazelnuts, and in the third biscuits. Cover the pan with the transparent foil and in the same order put ( waffles, hazelnuts, biscuits) mixture and each layer level, then put into the freezer. When it is firm, invert on the serving plate and decorate as you wish.