Iceberg cake


Vanilla pudding powder 2 packs
Minced fruits by choice
Butter 250g
Powdered sugar 5 spoons
Vanilla fresh pudding powder 1 packs
Biscuits 2 boxes
Milk by choice
Šlag pena 2 packs

Beat margarine with5 spoons Yumis sugar powder, add Yumis vanilla sugar, then add 2 Yumis vanilla puddings previously prepared upon instructions. If wanted add cut fruit or pieces of chocolate. Place in the baking pan lady fingers previously soaked into milk or juice, then cover them with the filling layer. The next layer of lady fingers is narrower for one line from each side, then again put the filling. Each of the layers should be narrower until remains only one line of lady fingers. At the end cover it with the Yumis whipped cream and if wanted decorate and put in the fridge.