Redisign soup

14. June 2014.

Yumis company after twenty years of creating value for customers, decided to redesign the complete range of soups.

Redesigned soups are placed on the market earlier this month, upoboljšanom content and unified packaging, modern design. Yumis soup will now be readily visible and recognizable on the shelf, with a clear message of traditional flavors and create benefits for the consumer.

On redesigning the radio team of professional designers who crossed experiences with rich experience in top management of the company YUMIS.

Aware of the fast lifestyle we recognized the need for consumers to get the less time the tasty meal from tograzloga smoplasirali brand new – category of noodles. Noodles are produced by the original recipe YUMIS-a, in 4 flavors and tastes are identical to our soup, fully adapted to the habits of our consumers