YUMIS hosts the celebrity names of world gastronomy

17. May 2019.

In Nis from June 13 to 16. Gastro-tourism festival was held in St. Sava Park, attended by several hundred caterers from Serbia and 30 other countries – Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Greece, Israel, England, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Romania, the former Yugoslav Republics. On this occasion, Yumis supported the venue with its products and hosted the celebrity names of world gastronomy.

Yumis soups and spices were tasted and judged by Stevo Karapandz (Croatia), Iztok Legat (Slovenia), Vuko Mitrovic (Montenegro), Moshe Alkobi and Avi Sigavi (Israel), Josi Elbaz (Belgium), Radu Zamescu and Julia Dragul (Romania) , Spiros Dosis (Greece), Erich Glavica (Germany), By Pipitone (Italy). It is a great honor for us to introduce the masters of world gastronomy to the production process and capacities and together taste the products of the Yumis product range from the category of soups, spices, teas, packaged foods. This visit will only confirm and consolidate Yumis positions in the foreign market.