Donation of surgical table dental clinic!

2. October 2014.

YUMIS companies from Nis, 1.10.2014 donated surgical, versatile, operating table, dental clinic in Nis, worth 25,000 euros. YUMIS company has been operating successfully for years and is known as a socially responsible company, as evidenced by numerous donations and participation in humanitarian and donor activities. We donated goods areas affected by the floods, in the amount of one million, and the total value of humanitarian donation is 4 to 5 million RSD, this year alone. We recognize the needs of amateur and professional sports and donated funds, we also pulled funding for the health care, helping medical facilities in Nis. Given that low dental clinic in a serious development and improvement of conditions for performing dental services, YUMIS the company recognized the need for clinics to the operating table and it donated, and thus give an incentive to other successful companies from this region to join the action that is socially useful and engage in donating all health institutions. Financial opportunities in these difficult times require solidarmost and assistance to the local self-government, in order to create better conditions for the provision of health care to citizens. It is necessary to help the local community and this gesture invite other successful companies to massively participate in this action, in accordance with their financial capabilities. It is known that in the budget of the Republic of Serbia does not have enough funds for new investment, but we believe that this is one of the ways to improve the working conditions of medical institutions in the country. Company YUMIS donated and many other tools and medical devices Clinical Center Niš and it will be happy to do in the future.