Red cake


Butter 150g
Sugar 130g
Eggs 3
Flour 22g
Strawberry pudding powder 1 packs
Baking powder 3 packs
Šlag krem vanila 1 pack
Yogurt 120g
Forest fruits 250g

Beat butter, sugar and Yumis vanilla sugar into foam. Add one by one egg and each stir for two minutes. When it is all a compact mass add yogurt ans stir for a while. Separately mix flir and Uimis pudding and Yumis baking powder. Add it to the first mixture and shortly mix.
In the greased pan put the half of the mixture and cover it with the frozen forest fruit. Cover it with the rest of the mixture and put the remaining fruit on it.
Bake at 1750C for 55 minutes. When finished leave it ti cool for 5 minutes. Carefully put it out of the pan and let it cool completely . Prepare Yumis vanilla whipped cream according the instructions on the bag. If wanted you may decorate it with fruit and cake dressings.