Fruit dream


Milk 1l
Sugar 200g
Gelatin 40g
Water 8 dl
Whipped cream white 700g
Ground biscuits 300g
Red fruits 300g
Fruit biscuits 250g
Preparation :

Mix milk and sugar and cook until boiling. Cover gelatin with 2 dl of water and leave to swell. The put it into the boiling milk and cook on moderate temperature for 10 minutes. Remove from the heat and leave it to tighten. Separately mix whipped cream with 6dl of water. Blend together with the gelatin mixture and mix. The mixture divide into three parts. Add the grounded biscuits in the first part, in the second mixed fruit and in the third grounded fruit waffle . In the cake mold put the first biscuit layer, then fruit and at the end filling with waffle. Decorate as desired.