Black koh with vanilla


Sugar 600g
Flour 15 spoons
Oil 10 kasika
Milk 2l
Cocoa powder 3 packs
Vanilla fresh pudding powder 2 packs
Eggs 3
Baking powder 1 pack

Beat foam of 3 yolks and 15 spoons of sugar. Separately beat white of the eggs into the firm foam and then mix with the yolks and sugar. Then add 15 spoon of flour, 10 spoons of oil, 1 cup (for black coffee) of milk, 3 spoons of Yumis cocoa and Yumis baking powder. Heat the oven at 1700C, grease the pan with the margarine or oil and cover it with the thin flour layer, then pour the prepared mixture and bake it for 15-20 minutes. When the koh is cold pour 1 l of hotly milk ( while heating milk ad 10 spoons of sugar).
Prepare 2 Yumis vanilla puddings ( with milk we use for the cake), add 11 spoons of sugar and pour it over the cake.